Advertising with

Q Why should I advertise with Beds4bikers?

Our web site is:

  • Dedicated to Bikers
  • Ranked page one in all major search engines
  • Complete with easy to use booking enquiry forms

We offer:

  • A friendly personal service
  • Superb value for money

Q What regions and countries are covered by

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Q How do I get started?

There are two routes to advertising with

  • Click ' here to register an account ' and then create an advert yourself.
  • We will help you with anything you need, we can upload the images for you if you have trouble with this. So if you are a new computer user, no problem, you too will be able to list your property.

Q How long does it take for my advert to become live on your website?

If you create the advert yourself, then it would normally be within 2 hours of secure on-line payment receipt. or
If you require Beds4bikers to create your advert, then we usually try to make it “Live” in 1 working day.

Q How do I check to see if my advertising is working?

Please monitor the results and keep records as follows:

  • Ask all telephone callers if  they found your business on a website and if so which one.
  • Keep records of all enquiries received
  • Monitor referrals to your own website from your Beds4bikers advert
  • Monitor the number of times your advert is viewed

Advertising statistics can be found in your own account area - simply login to review them.

Q Is the Web Site easy to use?

Yes the web site is very easy to use. Our current web site has been designed and specified by us based on years experience of on-line biker accommodation advertising. We have focused on the following areas of usability:
For Your customers:

  • Easy to browse and search to find relevant adverts.
  • Easy to use enquiry forms

For You (our customers):

  • Your own client area
  • Create/edit your own adverts
  • Upload your own photographs

Q what about the small print?

It is part of internet business today, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood it, please click Terms & Conditions for further information.

Q Will I be guaranteed results?

Due to the nature of the Internet and that do not control the major search engines, it is not possible to guarantee results. However we carry out our own checks on an ongoing basis to keep our websites as high in the search results as possible at all times, looking to maximise the traffic to our website and to your advertising.

Advertising Charges

Q How much do you charge?

For accommodation, we have three levels of adverts available:

Basic: No photo, standard listing.
This is a popular type of advert and is a very affordable way to advertise your accommodation.

Entries consist of all your contact details including an email and up to 300 words to describe your accommodation.

Premium: A premium featured listing up to 12 photographs.
You will have your advert placed at the top of the page showing your country, county and area, as well as your contact details, email, website link and up to 600 words to describe your business.

We will include a location specific Google Map showing the position of your property.

Prices for the above adverts are as follows:

New Zealand$22$57

Q Do offer free trials?

No sorry we do not offer free trials.

We have put a great deal of money and effort into creating our user friendly web site, and ensuring it is positioned at the top of the search engines. We are very confident that you will get a positive result from your advert with us. We will also continue to put every effort in to ensure you do.

We think it only fair that your part of the partnership is to pay for your advertising on our highly successful web site.

Q Can I pay extra to be listed at the top of the search results?

Yes - our Premium adverts are preferentially displayed at the top of default search results.

Standard adverts display below Premium adverts and are randomly presented for each user/page impression. So these adverts change position/page each time a summary of results is viewed. Our software does this automatically to make it fair for everybody, cannot alter these results.

Q How do I pay?

We accept:

  • Cheques in GBP
  • Paypal
  • BACS Transfer either GBP or Euro

Creating an Advert

Q Can I create my advert myself?

Yes, just register, login and create your own advert, and when you are satisfied with your advert pay online and it will be live on site within about 2 hours.

Q Will you set up my advert for me?

Yes, just email us and we can make and place your advert online for you. We will then provide you with your login details and you can edit/update the advert yourself in the future if you wish or we will do that part for you as well.

Q My village, town, region, country is not listed - what should I do?

Just register your account, and when you have finished just email us and we will update our database for you.

Q Can I copy text and/or photographs from other adverts/web sites?

Well that depends:

  • All text and photographs are subject to copyright.
  • If the text and/or photographs do not belong to you, then unless you have the owners express permission, then you should not copy it.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any text and/or photographs uploaded to our web site, that you have the necessary permission from the original creator for re-use.

Q Can I have a link from my advert to my own web site?

All adverts do have a “Go to your website” button. We recommend that you monitor referrals, from the web site to your own web site. This is the only true way to know how effective your advert is.

Q Can I put “anything” in my advert?

You can put just about anything you want on your advert providing you are sure it is correct, legal and complies with our editorial guidelines. Please note:

  • You are responsible for the content of your advert at all times!
  • Content that does not comply with our editorial guidelines will be removed without notice.
  • We do not permit website links and/or email addresses to be placed anywhere on adverts, as we have a secure email message system and website button within each advert.

Adding Photographs

Q How do I upload photographs to my advert?

The basic procedure is:

Login to your account and follow the easy “advert edit” procedure.

Please email if you need any help.

Q How many photographs can I have on my advert?

Allowances are as follows:

  • Each advert can have up to- 8 photographs (standard adverts) and 12 photographs (premuim adverts)

Q What format and size should my photographs be?


  • Up to 250kb file size maximum
  • In JPG, GIF or PNG format

Q Can I change my photographs or add more at a later date?

Yes, you can edit/delete/upload new photographs at any time of the day.

Q What photographs should I place in my advert?

The choice is yours, however we recommend the following as a minimum:


  • 1 of the outside - front view
  • 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • 1 dining
  • 1 lounge
  • 1 bathroom/shower
  • Bike garage (if you have one)

If you want us to change your photographs then please email your files to

Managing Your Adverts

Q How do I make changes to my advert once it has been activated?

There are two alternatives:

  • Simply log in to your account area and make the changes yourself.
  • Email us at with the changes you require and we will update the advert for you

Q How do I know how much interest my advert is getting?

  • Log-in to your control panel and review your advertising statistics
  • If you have a link to your own web site, ensure you have a referral monitoring system to see how many referrals you are getting from Beds4bikers to your own web site

Q How do I avoid scams and recognise genuine enquiries?

Enquiries from Beds4bikers websites will always arrive with our business details.

But in general anybody contacting you and asks you to pay any money, or suggests that money will be paid to you via odd routes (and then claimed back), should be trashed.

Q How do I get help?

You can contact Beds4bikers at any time via email, click Contact Us

We are always pleased to help wherever we can.